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umbrella tag :iconkietalis:Kietalis 1 4 Testament oct 2005 :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 1
Mature content
The long dark voyage :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 0
Sep 2005 Amako :iconkietalis:Kietalis 31 4
Even angels fail, flawd are we
From grace she did indeed fall. Fallen as far as one can go.
Through lies, to protect, she did neglect in saying what she felt.
To this she was dealt sentance. For her acts she carries out her pentance.
She knows it not but she left so many hearts, and minds in knots.
Her simple beauty, her gentle voice, these lead to failed duty.
Thus she punishes herself, tears her wings from her body.
On her brow, she wears the marks of decite.
Such pity do we feel but reasons cloud us, and confuse us still.
Wolf, wolf, does she cry wolf again? Do I have to bargin, dare I respond?
Nay, let it pass, do  not  suffer anymore harm.
However love her still, and through these actions I continue to help.
At times my need with hers makes one feel as if a whelp.
But love her, love her still, I do.
That little angel who was not perfect till she showed her flaws.
:iconkietalis:Kietalis 1 0
Mature content
Shadows of Ether, Nevermore :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 4
Apollo's Gilded Steed
My son, listen to me well, the sun it comes and I must bid farewell.
Do you see that gilded steed who races at incrediable paces in the skies?
He comes for me. From my transgressions I must go, alone.
Dare not intervene. It is providence. My dear son, draw near for dawn approaches, do not fear.
My sweetest shepard  when you wear this fleece be at peace.
Know that your father is not farther then you think. I will miss those cheeks of pink, that hair of gold.
However fear not I, I am old and weak.
Be strong, live long.
Do not do as I have done, have fun.
Tend to your flock for it is your's now. Milk the cows, tend the home, and do not frown.
I am sorry I leave you so soon, I am sorry that I leave everything in your hands, but life is fleeting like writing in the sands...
Farewell my son, my dearest one, here comes the sun.
That gilded steed shall bare me away, be free of burderns as you walk through these gardens.
Fear not, and admire the steed, its majestic grace, and when you look upon
:iconkietalis:Kietalis 1 10
A Ripple in the Hourglass Sand :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 3 Nitro+ August, 05 :iconkietalis:Kietalis 22 0 Inferno July :iconkietalis:Kietalis 2 0 Dawn by demonia555, color test :iconkietalis:Kietalis 1 11 Bow Mistress :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 2 Engel :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 3 Gradius Dragons :iconkietalis:Kietalis 2 7 Face hugger Bam :iconkietalis:Kietalis 1 10 Barnyard Antics :iconkietalis:Kietalis 0 5

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Space Marine Strike Cruiser :icondigital-fluids:digital-fluids 495 192 big pine tree 2 :iconfalln-stock:Falln-Stock 5 3
Fiery Future Forever
Familiar emotion & undoubted devotion
For a love that always passes me by.
Banter & laughter at the pure feelings I have laid on the table.
                                           Back so achy, so tired,
We try to make it last.
We cry until we've won the battle,
Yet, we always lose the war.
Life is more than a game.
It seems so natural to regain your trust...
                                        To fall for your charm...
To lust for your body...

Slim & dark,
A walk in that fucking park.
We are so reminiscent of our fiery past.
You make me laugh,
                                                 You make me cry,
& worst of all you make me lie,
                    To myself & to those around me.
Bruises on my body,
You agonize my soul.
                                                    Passion so wise,
Stories so true...
I wonder what my life would be like, if I chose to spend it with you.
:iconrosebud1313:Rosebud1313 7 29
Chained to Patriotism :iconpixiepoof:pixiepoof 1 12 Heartbreak. :iconretaeanicole:RetaeaNicole 36 61
Hope For Forgiven Evil
Roses grow high while lilacs disappear with my mind.
Fuzzy Vision.
He says, "Babe, let's not let the trees of the Earth go to waste."
I turn to him, the seductive, sedated, blonde haired, blue eyed, version of Satan.
Men, they love me when I am flying with natural joy.
Lifting, floating through rainbows & stars.
Wild flowers & water lilies fill our head with hope.
Perhaps God will forgive us for falling in lust with each other.
:iconrosebud1313:Rosebud1313 2 14
Love's Deadly Silence
Sometimes I wonder why I let you hang around.
You were my river of hope, but suddenly I feel as if I've drowned.
I was in love & this time I knew it was for sure,
& I knew that you'd be my safety, my cure.
When I'm without you all I feel is sad & lonely,
I'd do anything to have you as my one & only.
Tears run down my cheeks because I'll never again hear your sweet music in my soul.
Because you seem to have my fate in control.
Your silence is the only thing that'll kill,
Now I do things that are totally against my heart's will.
So I guess you're saying "Goodbye." I'll always dream of our last kiss,
Because it is you I'll always love & tragically miss.
:iconrosebud1313:Rosebud1313 2 30
Irene, Rage and Sadness :iconkreestal:kReEsTaL 103 104 dream :iconpixiepoof:pixiepoof 5 23 MMOFPSRPGOMGWTF :iconlunarfire:lunarFIRE 1 3 Devil :icongruntek:GRUNtek 2 9 Gribou :iconlylys:Lylys 4 13 zoom :iconblacklady666:blacklady666 5 13 WAterScaped :iconpixiepoof:pixiepoof 2 18 MayZ :iconpinkshipider:pinkShipider 1 15



Matthew Trlak
United States
Current Residence: Boring, depressing, Joliet, Illinois
Favourite genre of music: listen to everything almost, mainly Death Metal, clas rock, or jrock/jpop, listen my luanch station
Favourite photographer: photography is life <3 many on DA and Chad Micheal Ward
Favourite style of art: Either is fine, i prefer hand drawn but hey digital is cool too
Operating System: varies (comp dies alot, lost all previous digital work)
MP3 player of choice: winamp
Wallpaper of choice: anything i find really sexy, funny, plain cool, or stretches well on 1600x1200x32
Skin of choice: a gackt winamp one, but i have lots and lots on random
Favourite cartoon character: hmmm toughy....foamy is funny, Sha Goiyo, Sakura,etc
Personal Quote: Life is like one of those chocolate oranges. Smash the Hell Out of It for some good wholesome fun!
  • Listening to: Garnet - Despairs` Ray
  • Reading: furanku and the obbassan
  • Watching: Reddish -diva version- (pv) - Despairs Ray
  • Playing: Guitar Hero II
  • Eating: White Castles
  • Drinking: vodka
Life took an interesting turn... Right after my last update I returned to college life which takes a great deal of my time. I also got employeed at Best Buy and rapidly was promoted to Geek Squad. My health is a see saw but nothing serious anymore.
I fell in love all over again with a woman I have known for a great deal of time, even became engaged.. although that too is not where I would have liked it to go in the end. But I digress.

I moved many of my works into scraps becuase let us face it, most of it was poor quality and or just bad. I will try to add other things to Da but my camera has always been crappy as you all know, and most of my work is hand painted, so.... nothing to show for now. I still have other things but most of it will be scraps becuase I seldom ever finish something I start lol.

Anywho, I am alive and well, and for the most part okie dokie so drop me a line if you want.


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